Saturday, 9 February 2013

Theocracy in Peru

Peru is one of a few countries left on the earth (outside of the Middle East of course) that is a theocracy. According to Article 50 of the 1993 Constitution, the Peruvian government actively "lends its cooperation" to the Catholic Church. The government actually gives money to the Catholic Church and many priests receive a stipend directly from the tax funds of the government (Michael Gregory Macaulay, "Ideological change and internal cleavages in the Peruvian church" Published by Notre Dame). No doubt that in return, the preists give appropiate and approved political messages during their sermons on Sunday.

Catholic symbols are everywhere as if they somehow make people holy by just looking at them. At parks everywhere you will see statues of Saints, Jesus and the Virgin Mary with no regard for non-religious people or people who may not be Christian. You even see this religious nonsense inside of restaurants. I have been to several Chinese restaurants (of all places) who amusingly display paintings of Jesus, Mary and the Saints. Inside taxis and buses you will see Rosaries and other religious nonsense. Apparently in Peru, religion is not a private matter and if you don't follow their variety of religion, or worse, if you confess to being agnostic or atheist you are openly laughed at.

Here some typical religious symbols that one encounters in public places in Peru.

Thanks to this religious nonsense, Peru is still stuck in the Middle Ages when it comes to equality for women, gay people and non-religious people. You may be surprised to know that abortion is still illegal in Peru and women are treated as second class citizens. While most of the countries in South America are slowly getting same sex unions and gay marriage, there are no plans to do anything of that kind in Peru yet, mainly due to the idiots in the Catholic Church. Recently a Roman Catholic Peruvian bishop, Luis Bambarén, said that gays should be called "maricones" (i.e. faggots) not "gay." He was unrepentant and repeated his bigoted garbage until he received a call from the Vatican. The Pope told him who was the boss apparently and he was on the media the next time apologizing. LOL Apparently Bambaren has never read what Jesus said in the Bible about the greatest commandment being to love one another. Too bad most Christian never open their Bibles, the world might be a better place if Christians actually followed the teachings of Jesus.


  1. dont forget the name of the busses used for public transpo, you know the one with no mufflers, and a horn as loud as a ships horn, speeding irradically down the avenue full of people. the name of the bus is called "milagrosa de dios"!

  2. Are you in Peru? Not that it matters, except to ask why. You seem hell bent on changing a people and its government to your standards. Gays for example. Curios why you chose Peru. Their are other countries that take harsher views of gays. At least in Peru there are no government or religious sanctioned executions.